About Forensic Science Academy

Your training at the Academy of Forensic Science

will give you the competitive edge employers

are looking for when they hire. 

Our graduates have gone on to become crime scene investigators, private investigators, forensic pathologists,

and death investigators.  Our courses are also designed to supplement prior training in forensic nursing, arson investigation, law enforcement, and forensic toxicology. 

Hands-On Training

Forensic Expert Instructors

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Start Training For Your Forensic Career Today 

The Forensic Science Training Program has been approved by the Bureau of Private and Post-Secondary Education.

We are an approved training site for Veterans! 

​​​​​​​​Students get hands-on educational training from forensic experts currently working in the field.

The Forensic Science Academy program has been recognized as the premier training program

completely dedicated to students who are launching their forensic career.​ 

Forensic Science Academy offers specialized training modules in basic and advanced crime scene investigation, forensic photography, fingerprint identification/classification, and death investigations.

Instruction is offered in the form of weekend workshops, online courses, webinars, or a combination.  

You choose the format that works best for your schedule and your own individual lifestyle.

An Education provided by The Forensic Science Academy Opens Up Many New & Exciting Career Options ...



at The Vollmer Institute


Southern California