About Forensic Science Academy

The Forensic Science Academy offers the hands-on training modules needed to prepare students for entry level forensic positions. 

The training Academy members receive provide the competitive edge needed to be the stand-out candidate agencies are looking to hire. 

We've trained students who have gone on to various forensic related positions such as crime scene investigators, private investigators, forensic pathologists, and death investigators

In addition, our program has supplemented prior training for specialized fields in forensic nursing, arson investigation, law enforcement, and forensic toxicology. 

Start training for your forensic career. Come train with us!

  • Weekend Training Format

  • Forensic Experts

  • Relevant Topics

  • Career Tips

  • Affordable Courses

Students Train with Forensic Science Academy. 

Start Your Forensic Career. Start Training. 

​​​​​Forensic Science Academy provides hands-on training modules, workshops, seminars, and webinars to students. Located in Southern California, our program has been recognized as the premier training program completely dedicated to students who are ready to start their forensic career. 

​Forensic Science Academy offers specialized training modules in basic crime scene investigation, advanced crime scene investigation, forensic photography, fingerprint identification and classification, and death investigations. 

Why Choose The Forensic Science Academy?