About Forensic Science Academy

Our July 2017 Forensic Seminar focuses upon the application, resume, background check, and interview process of a forensic related or a law enforcement related position. 

Our in-house expert, Officer Flores will introduce you to and take you through the process from applying to a position through the actual interview process. 

This 2 day event has limited seating so register early. 

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Students Train with Forensic Science Academy. 

Start Your Forensic Career. Start Training. 

​​​Forensic Science Academy provides hands-on training modules, workshops, seminars, and webinars to students. Located in Southern California, our program has been recognized as the premier training program completely dedicated to students who are ready to start their forensic career. 

​Forensic Science Academy offers specialized training modules in basic crime scene investigation, advanced crime scene investigation, forensic photography, fingerprint identification and classification, and death investigations. 

  • Weekend Training Format

  • Forensic Experts

  • Relevant Topics

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  • Affordable Courses

July Forensic Seminar