How long is the program? 

The program is six months; there is a training module each month. For example, basic crime scene investigation is held the 2 weekends of the scheduled month. Some months may have the start of one module one week, and the following weekend the beginning of a new module.

Once a student completes courses, will they be awarded a certificate? 

Each student who passes each module will receive a certificate and, upon completing the entire program, will receive a large certificate (suitable for framing). We suggest using these certificates when applying to positions and when interviewing.

Are there internships available for the student? 

We do have agreements with local agencies that are looking for interns. Depending upon the agency's needs will depend upon the training. 

Do the Staff help students with Job Placements? 

Our staff will help you learn how to market your resume, how to create a professional profile for LinkedIn, and how to create a professional resume. We do not offer job placement. Since forensic positions are specialized, any forensic/forensic related job a student is interested in, must apply and meet the job requirements. We have agencies notifying us about the upcoming posts that our students may apply for.

What is the cost of the program? 

The fees for Class 2021 are:

Registration $3995
Crime scene kit $75 (approximately)
Materials fee $150
**Includes all textbooks, hand-outs, and other supplemental materials.

Is there a payment plan for the tuition available for the student? 

Yes, we have a payment plan. Inquire for more information.

Ready to Apply to The Forensic Science Academy?

Enroll in our free Academy Orientation online course. You may find the orientation course at

You must apply to The Forensic Science Academy by submitting this application, two letters of recommendation, and unofficial transcripts (if applicable). Application link-->here

There are two prerequisites for The Forensic Science Academy. The two online courses are:

Essential Ways to Start a Forensic Career
Physical Evidence Course

These prerequisite courses are included in the registration fee and must be completed before the end of The Forensic Science Academy.

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