CSI Workshop: Forensic Photography--Painting with Light
1 night session
4 hour hands-on training
Friday September 16 2016
6pm to 10pm

limit 12 students

The Forensic Science Academy

6 months

2 weekend/month

6 training modules

7 certificates

200 hands-on training hours

Interest List Forming for 2017



You need specialized training and this training comes with a cost--a cost that sometimes rivals the cost of one college class!! But is it worth it?

It depends.

Do you see this specialized training as a benefit? Will this type of training help you get an interview? Will the training you receive boost your resume? Get you noticed by other forensic professionals? Help you network with others?

Investing in your forensic career CAN be costly, but NOT investing in your career will cost a great deal more.

So, what should you do?

This is where Forensic Science Academy and Forensic Training Unlimited comes in! We offer you specialized hands-on training to prepare you for your forensic career.

at The Vollmer Institute


Southern California